Kitty-Combs FAQs

Q: What are your stains and polys made out of that make them non-toxic?

A: All of our stains and polys are made from Vermont Natural Coatings. They are made from whey protein, which is a byproduct of cheese making, to displace toxic ingredients found in traditional finishes.

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Q: Where do I buy Kitty-Combs and Critter-Combs if they aren’t sold in a pet store near me?

A: Contact us and we will be happy to quote you shipping rates. We are actively trying to expand our availability in pet stores across the Country. If you know of a local independently owned pet store in your city that you would like to see sell Kitty-Combs and Critter-Combs, feel free to let us know and we will reach out to them!

Q: Are your models modular?

A: No. Each model is designed with a set configuration and are predrilled for that configuration only. Any modification will to our models will void our warranty.

Q: Can I use a Kitty-Comb as a shelf?

A: No. Our Kitty-Combs are specifically designed for pet use only. Our unique joinery enables each comb to hold much more weight than a cat would weigh, however, it is not intended for human use in any capacity.

Q: How do I clean my Kitty-Comb or Critter-Comb?

A: All of our models should be treated as a piece of real wood furniture. A wash cloth, warm water and pet friendly soap will do the trick. To maintain the beauty of our durable finish, we recommend not using an abrasive scrub pad.

Q: What do I do if my cat likes something soft to lay and sleep on?

A: A cat bed slides into our combs very easily which also enables you to remove it very easily unlike a traditional carpet covered cat tree which makes cleaning less cumbersome.

Q: What if my cat pees or vomits on the rope scratch ladder?

A: Ewwww.  We would first recommend removing the 4 screws holding the rope scratch ladder in place and using a bioactive enzyme stain and order remover on the rope and let dry. If that doesn’t work, don’t worry, we have replacements.

Q: Can I add toys to my Kitty-Comb?

A: Yes, some of our models have premade hooks and holes for various cat toys. Many of our customers find creative ways to attach toys to our models. Any hooks or hardware installed “after market” will void our warranty.

Q: My critter chews a lot! How long will my Critter-Comb last?

A: Our Critter-Combs are made to be chewed on. All of our test models are holding up just fine a year later with no need to be replaced. Results may vary pending on how much your critter chews. We use ¾” solid pine construction on all of our Critter-Combs to ensure they don’t suffer structural failure if your critter goes to town chewing.

Q: How long will my Kitty-Comb last?

A: Your Kitty-Comb is built wit the same integrity as a fine piece of furniture. With normal cat use and care, your Kitty-Comb should last for many cat generations to come.

Q: I have a small dog. Could he/she use a Kitty-Comb?

A:  While our current models are made exclusively for cats, we aren’t going to stop you from buying one if you really think your small dog will like it. Here at Kitty-Combs, we love all animals and we are always thinking of ways to off products to more than just cats and critters. So who knows what the future will bring! Puppy-Comb Dog House!??!





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